Hello computer/technology users and gamers.

Hello everyone my name is Technique and I am 16 years old. I was born here in USA and most of my bloodline is Egyptian. I love history about WWII and I like to read books such as the rising tide and night and now trying to finish the rising tide and get the other 2 books of the WWII trilogy. I love to hear music from some games (crimson skies and EvE online), dub step music, Muse, three days grace, all American rejects and the DJ hero music. I have wide variety of games I play going from Forza motorsport 3 to RTS games like Age of empires 2 and C&C 3(+mods) to MMORPG EVE online and down to Shooters (FPS and 3rd person) like call of duty and APB(no longer active), simulation games like simcity 4 and last but not least minecraft (sandbox). I am one of those people that love to play mods for certain games and I am soon trying to get myself half life 2 and Crysis to get some really cool mods I wanted to try out, yet even though I love books, games, mods and music I also love DIY(do it yourself) computers and other technology. My first build was an ACTS 840 case with i5 750 processor, Ati 5870 and some sweet upgrades like g15 keyboard and Z-5500 stereo and also done a second build for my family downstairs as a work computer. Every day I always check bit-tech and tomshardware to check for news and trying to save up cash to make a new build (and a car) for 2012. I also have started a youtube channel to start making money, but also I wanted to engage into the community (also was inspired by jx23 and david23tr.)  and this is why I wanted to come here at wordpress to blog and know about people more. For the next few weeks I plan to post here about videos you guys should check out, new technologies you guys should also check out, games /mods I played, possible reviews on books, games and technology and maybe share my life stories with you guys. I feel starting to blog and using youtube is a great way to talk to you all and perfect to start now as 2011 has come to shine. Happy late new year everyone! Wish me luck!


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