My very first game: age of empires 2 and my first mod: Age of chivalry

You see back then when I was 7 (im 16 today) my dad let me play age of empires 2 once in a while when he’s does want to and everyone was fine with it due the fact that wasn’t really much blood to see in this game and it was not as violent when compared to other FPS’s back then and today. It was a pretty great game even though I sucked at it. Haha. Anyway I back then I remember playing Teutonic, British and Japanese, but really most of the time I played Teutonic because of their Unique unit (I think It was Teutonic knights was the name I am not 100% sure) was the toughest of the toughest (expect the war elephant which is even tough but useless when few spear/pikemen can take them down fast) it was pretty hard to kill these guys unless you micro a lot or you the play the japs and use their UU: the samurai. The samurai was a UU that was good against other UU of other civilizations even if the samurai had a disadvantage dispute the fact that its infantry and infantry are weak to archers, but they can still go in for the kill unless micro is involved that changes the outcome. It why I use japs if I know the enemy is using something Teutonic would really lose against. Today I don’t play age of empires 2 anymore since my new computer I got about a year ago can’t play age of empires 2 normally. Before the new computer I play age of empires since the old computer I had can play since it was XP (new computer) and I stick to one civilization and that was the British aka brits. I like them because I had more a better w/l ratio and their bonus helped me a lot. After playing other games and such I found out a website of age empires 2 (aok hevan) and I surf around the site and found a popular mod for age of empires 2 called the Age of chivalry. It was on the top list of most download and viewed and I figured “heck why not”. After one hour of playing with other people using gameranger I was speechless. I never saw how you would make such a glorious game. I could not believe my eyes I thought I was dreaming. This game was well developed and was even realistic. It was like a major expansion. This is how I also found moddb which had other mods and games I could try out for myself. Till this day I have try out 10 to 15 mods (to let you know I found out AOC and moddb when I was around 15 and halfway of becoming 16 so I really was not filled with mods…..yet) and more I want to try like mechwarrior living legends and empire (hl2 rts/fps mod). To new readers and modders out there what mods you guys play or have developed? (You may post a link to the mod if you like)


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