Hey hey

i know nothing in youtube yet…. i am sure i will get videos up before Sunday-Saturday… trust on me for that. School is really giving acres of Homework and i have done videos but my brother has interpreted them to the point that there is too much editing that ruins the commentary. Anyways i will see what i can do.



good news and bad news

good news: WOT videos will come in 2-3 days

bad news: HSPE (its like the WASL) i hate it taking it as a 10th grader in high school i really to be done with it. anyway thanks for being patient i know so many dammed delays but high school is important…


late once more i know….Internet was Down and a router replacement was needed anyways i still need to get 4 videos up before this sat and sun so i dont have to pile up on 6………….. It will be World of tanks and Minecraft (new world once more…save file got corruption.) anyways i will see u then soon. Tech

The full story of…

..What is going on with everything being late?  You see all the videos and blog posts being edited and delay is because I was doing semi finals for my classes so I had to use the time for videos and blogs for it and also for being gone is because I had other stuff to attend to. That is all I had and as of right now all videos will be on time (unless with notice why not before or after depending on situation I got).  Plus I think will change my posting times. To make it more common I will try every day to post and try also to get some videos spread out on the weekdays. They will be of course there will be videos every Sunday and Saturday but to make it common I will try harder to get more on. Anyway I hope you will enjoy World of tanks videos that are coming soon (APB  cannot since it is not allowed) Hope to see u then.



i know i broke my promise of uploading on Saturday and Sunday. I hope it wont happen again.  Uploads for sat and sun should be up by Tuesday and wed. The videos are world of tanks and APB (yes i got into closed beta) I promise not to delay anymore (unless with some emergency stuff i have to do)



video is up on my account technique005

anyways it seems that i have to get my other video (its a old video before i was very busy) it will be upload this Tuesday. Also EvE online videos will be delayed (due to payment issues), but  technology news (videos cards, DIY comps etc) and uploads will be on sat and also my better home of minecraft on sun and possible video of  a different game will show up. Sorry for all these delays. I should i knew that i need to settle in bit to be on time.  Oh and i will post about Tuesday video arrival tomorrow (how long it will come and some special news)