im done with church but expect delays for videos… issues with computer



i did it. I got my project it, presented it like a boss, did my quiz and test for chem and math respectilvely, also did them like a boss.

i feel good.

don’t worry for videos i will get some upload later around mon-tue (lots of church stuff going on saturday and sunday its not over yet…. 😦   )

even more bad news this week

My EvE  corp disbanded and all my corp mates (plus 2 close friends) disappear. I do not know what happen and it seems everyone is very quiet…. its quite sad. (sigh) Right now im trying to find my good buddies to see what happen. There may not be a EvE video coming soon but oh well… there is more games in the sea…

i got scammed

in age of empires online. This guy did not wanted to share loot with me even and try to leave soon as possible good thing MS will take care of it. Anyways World of tanks videos (2) are coming up so stay tuned).

i am glad

that the video is up… for some reason firefox crashed when it was 99% and was finishing processing. Right now i am trying to make my future videos work in 1080p for even better HD videos