Expect part 7/8 on Thursday instead…sorry



Bad news for the first 3 videos, but some good news!

2of my vidoes are mess up with parts. You will see cut ins and out at times. Sorry. Because they were 4 mess up and part 4 and 3 are not upload i will fix both.

Also youtube took off my 15min limit. After all my starcraft videos are rendered (i made them to 15 mins parts already) I will increase videos size at a high rate. My space limit is 20g and time is 4 hours. I don’t expect myself for to record 4 hours straight though. Anyways you will see videos at 19-20 min at times (after i finish all those starcraft videos) 25-45 min mostly and some “movie vids” 1 hour to 2 hours.

Thanks for the help folks

possbile delay due to firefox 5

For some reason. firefox is just causing problems with uploading and just wanted to crash on me. I think i will get up chrome for youtube and may be using it more then firefox because how bad firefox 5 is with crashing.

Edit: 2 videos of sc2 should be up by midnight/1-2am Pacific time

Never mind about apb and HW2

not only i could not fix HW2… APB has the same problem. It also lags even more because of how apb is hogging a lot of memory. Expect sc2 custom games and vs AI matches instead later night or Monday. I also do mechwarrior merc to replace hw2 and company of heroes for apb.