Never mind about apb and HW2

not only i could not fix HW2… APB has the same problem. It also lags even more because of how apb is hogging a lot of memory. Expect sc2 custom games and vs AI matches instead later night or Monday. I also do mechwarrior merc to replace hw2 and company of heroes for apb.


I stop playing world of tanks And got starcraft 2 instead from a friend

I stop playing world of tanks because it felt too repetitive. I got starcraft 2 instead .
last night my friend. Wanted to give me sc2 for free because how i am low on cash and what not. I had to share with my bro cause he wanted sc2  and for our name. It was TheEgyptian just because our parents are Egyptian. My bro and i are mostly American and never learned Arabic at all. We were raised in America. Anways on Sunday expect to see some SC2 games! Also Either homeworld 2 or APB if i cant fixed the mic issue with Homeworld 2 (mic sound is much lower when i play homeworld 2)

New videos coming soon

Fallout 3 coming out this weekend.

Sorry for delay but i am back.

also note that i am having my last finals of the year before i become a junior in high school so videos will out sometimes weds and surley on sats/sun. After finals i will try to make a new video every day and a blog post (maybe video) every wed. Wish me luck!


Come down everyone

I know i need to get a video up. Rendering will be a while for this homeworld 2 video. (still fails on me.. i thought i fix it) It should be up during Thursday. Sorry for another delay. Just to many software issues.