Anthor delay into tuesday/wed

i know i know its been 3 weeks and its killing you guys. give me more time…. I am sure by Tuesday/wed  i can finish up rendering


Videos are coming monday

to let you. Because ossma is dead and my family want to celebrate.

sorry but i think you would expect it would come monday

so about the video

i am recording videos atm and renders (renders take up about 2-9 hours depending on quality)

right now its homeworld 2 mods and magicka (i play it for a while) minecraft will hold off for a while

expect to some some today (if not i hope on monday)


i did it. I got my project it, presented it like a boss, did my quiz and test for chem and math respectilvely, also did them like a boss.

i feel good.

don’t worry for videos i will get some upload later around mon-tue (lots of church stuff going on saturday and sunday its not over yet…. 😦   )